Rebuild Your Engine Here

Remanufactured, Rebuilt, & Overhauled Engines

At Valley Auto Parts and Engines, we’ve been rebuilding engines in Los Angeles for 33+ years and counting from the same location.  We like ripping things apart and getting our hands dirty, that’s the fun part.  We’re car junkies at heart.

We work on all makes and models of cars, trucks, commercial, marine, diesel engines- both import and domestic.  We do work on the occasional motorcycle and forklift too.

We take pride in our work and a job well done.

Rebuilding your own engine save you money, that is the bottom line.  Call now for engine repairs, overhauls, or engine rebuilding. (818) 767-6603  We’re competitive and budget friendly.

short blocks rebuilt on cars and trucks

Cars, trucks, and commercial



Short blocks from $485.00 exchanged. Now you are ready for the heads.
long block engines rebuilt on cars and trucks

Foreign and Domestic Rebuilds



Cylinder heads from $235.00 .


Long blocks from $895.00 exchanged.

Prices vary with application.  Call us (818) 767-6603, ask for Lou.

repair your engine here

Whether you are doing the work yourself, your a mechanic, an auto shop brokering the work, or a dealership we can repair your engine.  Short blocks, Long Blocks , Foreign or Domestic our expert machinist build motors.

Need the parts? We carry a full line of engine parts. It’s one stop shopping at Valley Auto Parts and Engines.


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